Contact Lens Safety-Best Practices for Healthy Eyes

Contact lenses are a great alternative to traditional prescription framed glasses and, if properly cared for, can provide safe, clear and effective correction for your vision needs. Contact lenses work by adjusting the refractive light that enters the eye while sitting directly on the eye so that objects will appear clearly; hence the name contacts. Contact lenses come in different types, strengths and diopters. If you are interested in wearing contact lenses, you will need to schedule a contact lens fitting at Pennachio Eye in addition to your regular eye check up for an evaluation of suitability and proper fit. 

While there are different types of contact lenses, there are also different methods for caring for the specific type of lens you have. Implementing a proper care system is essential for the effectiveness of the contact as well as reducing risk for the wearer. Contact lens care systems can vary but there are 2 solutions typically suggested depending on the lens type and the patient’s needs—either a multipurpose solution or a hydrogen peroxide solution. Make sure to never clean with water and to remove contacts before bathing or showering. Because contacts float on the tear film layer of the cornea and are exposed to environmental debris such as dirt, properly cleansing the contact lenses is important for proper hygiene as well as the lifespan of the lens. The only exception would be if your doctor has prescribed you with daily disposable or on day wear only lenses.

Contact lens safety falls under the umbrella of best practices for healthy eyes. Ensuring low complication risk as well as good eye health can be achieved with a few simple behaviors. Remember to not sleep in your contacts. Sleeping in contacts can increase the risk of infection by up to 8 times greater than if you took time to take them out. Wash and dry hands thoroughly before putting in or taking out contacts. The tiniest bit of debris can cause pain to the eyes and affect clarity of vision. Take care of the contact lens case, replacing the solution daily and replacing the case itself every 3 months. Be prepared—this is a strategy people tend to forget about. Make sure to travel with a back up pair of contacts as well as another case with solution. You never know if a lens will tear or something unexpected will occur. Finally, keep your prescription up to date and only wear your contacts within the timeframe instructed by your doctor. 
To learn more about the benefits of contact lenses, visit WEBSITE. To book your appointment at Pennachio Eye for an eye exam and subsequent contact lens evaluation, call 325-227-1999.

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