Even After Cataract Surgery, Will I Ever Be Able to Drive at Night?

One of the disadvantages to having cataracts is the eventual progression of impacted vision. As Because cataracts develop gradually in stages, at some point patients will find it difficult to drive at night, due to both low-light conditions as well as glares or halos around light. Cataracts cause light to be distorted especially at night, making it seem as if you are looking through a fogged-up window. Colors also become faded and there is a gradual loss of contrast sensitivity, as well as the possibility of double vision, as cataracts progress. Driving can not only become difficult but also dangerous as it may become challenging to distinguish or even see the road, street signs, other vehicles, and pedestrians. As cCataract surgery will become inevitable by stage 3 or, if untreated, stage 4 development, so patients will want to know the benefits of surgery including the restoration of their driving abilities. A frequently asked question from cataract patients is “even after cataract surgery, will I ever be able to drive at night?”

After cataract surgery, patients have greater clarity of vision and can resume daily activities. This includes the ability to drive. While you should not be the one to drive yourself home after cataract surgery, it is typically safe to drive 24 hours after surgery. Keep in mind, healing time varies among patients. Complete healing from cataract surgery can take 4-6 weeks so it is best to wait until your vision is clear to resume driving, especially driving at night. Cataract surgery has a 99% success rate that includes clearing up blurred vision, improving double vision, enhancing color vision, and as it pertains to driving, restores night vision, decreases light sensitivity, minimizes glares and halos around lights, and improves vision in low-light or dim conditions.

If you are experiencing cataract symptoms or have a planned cataract surgery and would like more information on what to expect, call Pennachio Eye at 325-227-1999 or visit us online at WEBSITE to schedule a comprehensive eye exam. We can discuss the benefits of cataract surgery and the timeline of resuming activities that include driving at night. 

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