How Do You Know If You Have Dry Eyes?

Dry eyes are a very common condition and easily self-diagnosed. If you live in a dry climate or wear contact lenses, you may experience dry eye symptoms more easily and frequently. Strained eyes that feel gritty or like something is in the eyes is a common issue that most people who have dry eyes experience. It may be as simple as actually having an irritant in the eye and once removed, the dry eye symptoms subside. But more often than not, dry eyes will require some course of action. Usually, eye drops are sufficient to lubricate the eyes and provide relief from dry eye symptoms. 

Dry eyes are sometimes caused by a lack of tear production. Tears are necessary to lubricate the eye and clear any particles on the surface of the eye. Without proper quality of tears or an adequate number of tears, you will feel the effects of dry eyes. Ironically, dry eyes can also create an overproduction of tears causing the tear film to dry out. This condition, known as reflex tearing, sends a distress signal through the nervous system to lubricate the eyes. These tears however mainly consist of water that wash away debris but do not properly coat the eye as regular tears do. Normal tears consist of water, oil, mucus and antibodies that work together to provide moisture, lubrication, even spreading and protection against infection. 

Aside from under or over production of tears, dry eye symptoms include blurred vision, redness, itching and light sensitivity. Environmental factors like low humidity or wind can cause dry eyes. Lifestyle factors like smoking or long periods of time on computers or phones can cause dry eyes as focusing screens can prohibit you from blinking as often as you usually would.  

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms or still unsure and curious to know if you have dry eyes, Pennachio Eye welcomes you to schedule a comprehensive eye exam to have one of our trusted ophthalmologists determine if you have dry eye or any other conditions that may affect your vision. Preserve the health of your eyes by calling 325-227-1999 or booking your appointment online at WEBSITE.

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