How long after cataract surgery can I watch TV

Cataract surgery is a common procedure that removes clouded or blurred lenses from the eye, replacing them with an artificial lens. Although cataract surgery is relatively simple and straight-forward, there are some precautions to take following the procedure to ensure your eyes have time to heal properly. During this downtime, you may wonder what is and isn’t safe to do. With limitations on physical activity, you may consider relaxing with a book or show, but how long after cataract surgery can you watch TV? 

In the first few days following cataract surgery, it’s important to rest as much as possible. Discomfort, swelling and redness of the eye are common symptoms post-procedure, but they should improve within a few days. The important thing is to take this time to relax in order to allow your eyes time to heal. Strenuous activities may put pressure on your eye, interfering with your recovery. Avoid excessive movement, bending over and lifting heavy objects. 

Because physical exertion can slow down the healing process, finding ways to keep yourself occupied are limited to activities like reading or watching television. The good news is that you can resume watching your favorite shows or movies in the days following surgery with some limitations. Your eyes will be sensitive to light and you will still be adjusting to your replacement lens, so you should hold off on using screens until your eyes feel less sensitive, about 24 hours after surgery. When you do start watching TV again, take frequent breaks to prevent eye strain, and avoid rubbing your eyes. Using screens in a well-lit room will prevent eye fatigue from the contrast between a bright screen and dark room. Do not sit too close to the screen to avoid straining your eyes too much. 

Your eye surgeon may recommend wearing special glasses when watching TV or engaging in activities that could hurt your eyes. You should always wear sunglasses outside, but you may want to wear them inside in the first hours or days following your LASIK procedure. In addition to avoiding eye strain, you should also avoid bright light and any debris that could enter your eye, such as dust or dirt. 

While you can safely resume watching TV within a day or two of cataract surgery, it’s important to listen to your body and avoid overdoing it. If you experience changes in your vision, discomfort that lasts more than a few days, or sudden pain, contact your eye doctor immediately. 

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