What is the Difference Between Laser Surgery and Cataract Surgery?

Patients can rest assured that no matter the difference between laser surgery and cataract surgery, both procedures are extremely common, safe, and have a high success rate. Determining which procedure is right for you depends on many factors as well as an evaluation by your eye surgeon.  CLIENT NAME can help you take the first step forward toward expert cataract removal surgery. 

The main difference between laser surgery and cataract surgery is that traditional cataract surgery involves removal of the lens and placement of an artificial lens while laser surgery reshapes the cornea. Laser-assisted cataract surgery is mainly offered to patients who also have astigmatism. The benefit to this surgery is that cataract and astigmatism can be corrected at the same time. Traditional cataract surgery uses handheld instruments while laser surgery is computer controlled and automated. 

Cataract surgery, also called phacoemulsification, is performed by hand with a scalpel. The surgeon creates a small incision in the cornea to remove the cataract-clouded lens. Once the phacoemulsification laser breaks up the cataract, it is suctioned out and removed. An intraocular lens will replace the natural lens. The incision is self-sealing and does not require stitches. 

Laser-assisted cataract surgery begins with an ultrasound device placed over the eye to map its surface. The device tells the laser the exact location, size and depth for the incisions. The surgeon may use the laser to make the corneal incision or to soften the cataract. An ultrasound probe then breaks the lens into pieces and suctions them out. Advanced (laser) cataract surgery will provide the same outcome as traditional cataract surgery; the difference is in the tools used and overall method. Laser-Assisted Blade-Free Cataract Surgery reduces the number of instruments used and increases the precision of the procedure. Risks and recovery are about the same for both laser surgery and cataract surgery. It is best to discuss with your ophthalmologist or surgeon which procedure is best for you. As technology is the main difference between laser surgery and cataract surgery, you can be assured that either option will improve your quality of life with restored vision. To schedule your consultation, contact Pennachio Eye at 325-227-1999or book your appointment at WEBSITE.

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